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Customers’ Comments from Qatar

Located in Qatar Peninsula on the southwestern bank of the Persian Gulf, Qatar, an Arab country in the west of Asia, belongs to tropical desert climate, and its temperature in summer even exceeds 40 degrees centigrade. Today’s Qatar is an eye-catching land for the construction machinery industry, and the 22nd World Cup will be held in Qatar in 2022, which in turn boost large-scale construction of venues and leap-forward development of the construction machinery market. It seems that a multitude of steel and iron behemoths swarm into Qatar overnight, and XCMG has seized a lot of shares in the market. While driving on the road in Qatar, you will find “XCMG” equipments in working. Although there are some loader products of other international brands, XCMG loader is busiest one.

Employees of XCMG Service Team came to Qatar with heavy responsibilities and missions. Particularly in summer when the scorching sun bakes the land and the temperature exceeds 40 degrees centigrade, employees, wearing scarf against sandstorm, always busy themselves in working despite the heat. In Qatar, daily repair and maintenance is the work priority, and each time when communicating with loader drivers, employees can read local drivers’ high recognition to XCMG products from their smiles and gestures, regardless of barriers in language.

In recent years, XCMG, relying on its products of full series, high quality and high cost performance and its excellent services, partook in construction of all key projects in Qatar, including Qatar Doha New Port Project, Doha New Airport Project, Lusail New District Development Project, and the Middle East’s largest Raslafan LNS Project etc., making it receive high trust from local customers. Local customers gave high recognition to XCMG LW600K loader, saying: “firstly, it is convenient to operate the product, and the single-handle pilot operation system contributes much to operating convenience, so you need not change your operating posture frequently. Secondly, the cab is comfy, and its AC system and favorable sealing performance make the driver totally free from external harsh working conditions like intense heat and heavy dust, etc., so drivers enjoy the work in the cab. In desert, favorable AC system and sealing performance are crucial factors; thirdly, XCMG loader boasts high working efficiency, and it outshines loaders of other brands in efficiency for its quick hoisting speed, quick tilting and decline speed, and reasonable bucket capacity.” Besides, local diesel oil and engine oil products are of good quality, making XCMG loader more durable and leading to extremely low malfunction rate.

XCMG consolidates its shares in high-end market for its strong vitality and boundless potential, and is flowering brilliantly in such an eye-catching land. All along XCMG represents the sophisticated manufacturing level of China construction industry and showcases its strength and role of being the leader in the construction machinery industry.