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Four Rules on Excavator Driver’s Safety Operation

First, before driving, make sure that the driver is in good health, refrains from committing behaviors in breach of rules (e.g., drinking and taking drugs), and has no uncomfortable feelings (like dizziness and over-fatigue) that may affect the driving safety. When operating the excavator, the driver shall buckle up the safety belt. However, practices tell us that almost all drivers fail to buckle up the safety belt in operation, implying that most drivers lack safety consciousness. In this case, most safety belts on the machinery have been idled. Most drivers, including me, seldom buckle up the safety belt in operation, which should be mainly attributed to the inconvenience in coming into or out of the cab, so they just leave out this operating step. However, safety belt can ensure the drivers’ safety when the accident takes place. Presently, fine will be imposed on those who fail to buckle up the safety belt in driving. What about your opinions?

Second, inspect the excavator’s performances and states, and make sure that it can work normally. During the operation, observe the equipment’s states (including water temperature and hydraulic oil temperature, etc.) at any time. If there is any problem, stop the excavator in time, keep calm, and handle problems unhurriedly.

Third, determine if you can perform the operation in such a working condition. Some drivers have so much faith in their driving skill that they get panicked in front of emergency. For this reason, it is unwise to show off your skills in an inappropriate situation, which may endanger you and the excavator. When operating in special working conditions (e.g., HV cable, important optical cables, and petroleum & gas pipelines at the operating site), you should keep calm and highly concentrative, follow directions of field commanders, and carry out construction according to correct methods and steps, instead of performing excavation blindly, so as to ensure your and others’ safety.

Fourth, mobile phone has more and more functions and is frequently used today, and a lot of drivers prefer making or answering a call, listening to music, and chatting by QQ or Wechat during the operation. In this case, they can be easily distracted in operation. In particular, some drivers listen to the radio, smoke cigar, or eat snack while driving the excavator. The said operating habits are in breach of rules, and you are advised to stop the equipment for a few minutes to complete the said things, so as to avoid danger.