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XCMG simulators, Aug 22, 2014

XCMG simulators help to train experienced and new operators on the features of XCMG cranes. Customers take advantage of this technology to become familiar with the product and sharpen their skills.
XCMG is the largest manufacturer of cranes in the world, featuring a wide range of products from 2 to 6,000 Metric Tons capacity sold worldwide.
In North America selected Rough Terrain, Crawler Crane and Truck Cranes, designed for the specific requirements of the market are available for sale.
Intensus Engineering, Inc. (LLC) is a subsidiary of XCMG in the Americas. Its management team has assisted XCMG’s efforts in the Americas to find suitable industry partners, acquire new technology, develop joint ventures between XCMG and major world class manufacturers, continuous product improvement, as well as secure financial investments for both current and future major undertakings. The success of this joint effort in the Americas has been substantial. Today there is vibrant American participation of Fortune 500 machinery giants in the development of XCMG, products are marketed and sold in North America.