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XE360U uses an imported Cummins engine and meets Tier3 emission standard, making it environmentally friendly; its hydraulic components come from renowned international brands, ensuring their quality. In addition, this product features easy maintenance and caters to the operating habits of users in Northern America.

Product Highlights
High-end configuration and excellent Quality
1. The original imported Cummins engine is environmentally friendly and features large power output, low fuel consumption, reliable performance, and low emissions. It is built in full compliance with the north American Tier 3 emissions regulation and noise standards.
2. The globally advanced, established, and reliable negative flow control system uses dual-pump converging and multi-way value distribution with greater fuel flow to the cylinders. This provides the machine with powerful digging force and high operating efficiency. The system features low fuel consumption, cooler operation, and high efficiency.
3. The new generation electronic control system is smart, safe and environmentally friendly. It strikes a good balance between power and hydraulic load. The smart electronic control system allows remote control and the newly added memory ability keeps track of all operations. The power conversion device maximizes power usage effectiveness.

Superb Driving Experience
1. The large-size cab with its deluxe furnishings, superb design, and thoughtful details fully upgrade ride comfort and total operation experience.
2. Seat: the advanced operator assistance system features an ergonomic design. Its hydraulic shock absorber, multi-directional and multi-level adjustment, and unique lumbar support provide greater ride comfort and effectively alleviate the operator’s working fatigue.
3. The large –screen color LCD display digitally follows machine information in a visually pleasing display, making the human-machine interface friendlier.

High Strength, efficiency and durability
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1. The structural parts are built with special craftsmanship of imported high-strength and wear-resistant steel, greatly enhancing the strength and durability of products and enabling them to easily deal with various adverse working conditions.
2. Sturdy and durable equipment, such as the heavy-duty reinforced boom, arm, and bucket, maintains great digging force, even under extremely harsh conditions.
3. It comes standard with an extra-long and extra-wide heavy0duty chassis. The optimized box structure increases strength and lowers the center of gravity for better stability.

Easy repair and maintenance
1. The color LCD display is reliable and pleasing to the eye and follows all operation parameters. Maintenance reminders make use carefree.
2. The gear oil reservoir has an embedded sealing strip, making dust, sand, water, oil, and other foreign particles difficult to enter. This makes the reservoir dustproof and waterproof and minimizes maintenance.
3. The equipment lubrication points adopt a centralized lubrication arrangement, making lubrication an easier.


Operating weight   36800kg 81057lb
Bucket capacity   1.4~1.8m3 1.83~2.35yd3
Engine Engine model QSC8.3-C260
Engine output 194/2200kw/rpm 258hp/rpm
Max. torque/speed 1180/1500N.m 869/1500lb.ft
displacement 8.3L 8.3L
Key performance Travel speed 5.4/3.2km/h 3.4/2.0 mph
Swing speed 9.6r 9.6r/min
Gadeablity 70% 70%
Ground pressure 66.7kpa 9.7psi
Bucket digging force 263KN 59176lb
Arm digging force 225KN 50625lb
Max. traction 285KN 64125lb
Hydraulic system Main pump 2 piston pumps 2 piston pumps
Rated flow of main pump 2X300L 2X79gal/min
Max. pressure if main relief valve 34.3/37.0MPa 4978/5370psi
Max. pressure of travel system 34.3Mpa 4978psi
Max. pressure of swing system 26.5MPa 3846psi
Max. pressure of pilot system 3.9MPa 566psi
Oil capacity Fuel tank    capacity 660L 174.4gal
Hydraulic tank capacity 350L 92.5gal
Engine oil capacity 28L 7.4gal
Outline    Dimension A.  Overall    length 11386mm 448.6in
B.  Overall width 3390mm 133.6in
C.  Overall height 3710mm 146.2in
D.  Overall width of upper structure 3181mm 125.3in
E. Crawler length 5035mm 198.4in
F. Overall width of undercarriage 3390mm 133.6in
G.  Crawler width 800mm 31.5in
H.  Crawler wheelbase 4040mm 159.2in
I.  Crawler gauge 2590mm 102in
J.  Clearance under counterweight 1197mm 47.2in
K. Min. ground clearance 500mm 19.7in
L. Min. tail swing radius 3570mm 140.7in
M.  Crawler    height 1015mm 40in
Operating scope A.  Max.    digging height 10379mm 408.9in
B.  Max. dumping height 7153mm 281.8in
C.  Max. dumping depth 6893mm 271.6in
D.  8-ft horizontal digging depth 6709mm 264.3in
E. Max. vertical wall digging depth 6461mm 254.6in
F. Max. digging radius 10720mm 422.4in
G.  Max. swing radius 4510mm 177.7in
H.  Max.    dozer blade lifting height 10473mm 412.6in
Standard    configuration Boom length 6400mm 252.2in
Arm length 2670mm 105.2in
Bucket capacity 1.6m3 2.1yd3