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XE240LCU uses an imported Cummins engine and meets Tier3 emission standard, making it environmentally friendly; its hydraulic components come from renowned international brands, ensuring their quality. In addition, this product features easy maintenance and caters to the operating habits of users in Northern America.

Product Highlights
High-end configuration and excellent Quality
1. Engine: The original imported Cummins engine with EPA Tier4 North American emission regulations, with emission of nitrogen oxides and particles lower than Tier3 requirements by 90 percent. The powerful engine is energy-saving and environment-friendly, and the whole system is optimized to improve its overall performance.
2. Hydraulic system: the advanced hydraulic parts are well-matched to ensure product quality and optimum performance.
3. Electric monitoring system:
The flush –mounted electric monitoring system is state of the art.
The seven inch color display provides higher resolution and greater visibility.
The display interface is optimized, and the system is more consistent with the application environment.
Functions such as one-key fault query are easy to use.
More information is monitored to ensure better running.
4. Safety:
The start function at the neutral position prevents potential misoperation.
The reversing camera system that comes standard with XE240LCU improves operation safety/
Travel alarm is standard.

Superb Driving Experience
1. AC system: the imported original large-capacity cooling/heating AC system automatically adjusts the in-cab temperature through temperature sensors and ensures quick cooling heating of the cab.
2. Large driving space: the newly-designed cab is more spacious and the pedals are optimized, providing greater operation comfort.
3. Newly developmentsuspension seat: the ergonomically designed seat is equipment with suspended air bags which adjust the seat height as per operator’s weight and increase operation comfort.

High Strength, efficiency and durability
1. Combo armrest: the new combo armrests provide higher strength and effectively prevents breaking from longtime service.
2. The chassis has an X-beam structure to increase cross-sectional strength, thus improving the overall durability and service life of XE240LCU.
Easy repair and maintenance
1. Reliable fuel filter system: the latest fuel filter provides higher filtering performance and fuel quality, increasing engine reliability in harsh conditions. The fuel filter is located by the right door to facilitate daily maintenance, inspection, and replacement of the filter.
2. Easily accessible routine maintenance points: the fuel filter, oil filter, pilot filter, water tank, and electrical unit are directly serviceable from the ground.


Operating weight   25050kg 55298lb
Bucket capacity:   1.2m3 1.57yd3
Engine Engine model Cummins QSB6.7
Engine output 142/2000kw/rpm 190/2000hp/rpm
Max. torque/speed 803/1500N.m 592/1500lb.ft
displacement 6.7L 6.7L
Key performance Travel speed 5.5/3.7km/h 2.5/1.65h(mph)
Swing speed 10.9r/min 10.9r/min
Gadeablity 70% 70%
Ground pressure 37.9kpa 549.5psi
Bucket digging force 176KN 39566lb
Arm digging force 125KN 28101lb
Max. traction 188.6KN 42399lb
Hydraulic system Main pump 2 piston pumps 2 piston pumps
Rated flow of main pump 2X234L/min 2X61.8gal/min
Max. pressure if main relief valve 34.3/37.0MPa 4973.5/5365psi
Max. pressure of travel system 34.3Mpa 4973.5psi
Max. pressure of swing system 25MPa 3625psi
Max. pressure of pilot system 3.9MPa 565.5psi
Oil capacity Fuel tank capacity 400L 105.6gal
Hydraulic tank capacity 240L 63.4gal
Engine oil capacity 24L 6.3gal
Outline Dimension A.  Overall length 10220mm 402in
B.  Overall width 3390mm 133in
C.  Overall height 3226mm 127in
D.  Overall width of upper structure 2830mm 111in
E. Crawler length 4640mm 183in
F. Overall width of undercarriage 3390mm 133in
G.  Crawler width 800mm 31.5in
H.  Crawler wheelbase 3842mm 151in
I.  Crawler gauge 2590mm 102in
J.  Clearance under counterweight 1050mm 41in
K. Min. ground clearance 485mm 19in
L. Min. tail swing radius 2985mm 117.5in
Operating scope A.  Max. digging height 9595mm 378in
B.  Max. dumping height 6745mm 265.5in
C.  Max. dumping depth 6960mm 274in
D.  8-ft horizontal digging depth 6750mm 266in
E. Max. vertical wall digging depth 5545mm 218in
F. Max. digging radius 10240mm 403in
G.  Max. swing radius 3850mm 151.5in