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XE210CU adopts the imported Cummins engine, meets Tier3 emission standard, and is environment friendly; and it is also equipment with hydraulic components of international famous brands, so as to ensure the quality. In addition, this product features easy maintenance and caters to the operating habits of users in Northern America.

Product Highlights
High-end configuration and reliable Quality
1. The original imported Cummins engine is in full compliance with Tier3 standards, environment-friendly, and powerful.
2. The whole set of original imported hydraulic elements(Kawasaki+KYB), including main pump, main valve, swing motor, travel motor, pilot control valve, and cylinder, all feature high-end configuration to ensure reliable product quality.
3. The original, imported high-quality aluminum radiator features an advanced structure, low airflow resistance, and high thermal efficiency to ensure reliable performance during continuous jobs at high-temperatureand under extra-high loads.

Superb Driving Experience
1. The ergonomic design of the new injection molded cab provides a good operating environment with better visibility and less noise.
2. The large-screen, multifunction LCD monitor is semi-flush mounted, providing digital display to comprehensively monitor the engine’s working conditions(speed, water temperature, oil level, oil pressure, etc.,), and allows queries of various operating information of the machine at any time.
3. The advanced suspension high-back seat provides multi-directional adjustability and can be shifted alone or with the control boxes on both sides, allowing the operator to easily achieve the most comfortable operating position.
4. The large-capacity air-conditioning system is equipped with multiple air outlets to ensure quick warming and cooling of the cab.

High Strength, efficiency and durability
1. The platform is flanked with D-shaped frames to resist heavy external impact.
2. Critical structures employ finite element analyses, fatigue bench tests, and optimal design so that the machine is more adaptable to heavy-duty jobs. All critical systems go through comprehensive tests and rigorous experimentation to greatly improve overall reliability of the machine.

Easy repair and maintenance
The oil filter, pilot filter, duel filter, oil-water separator, and air filter are located where they can be directly replaced from the ground, providing easy accessibility and serviceability, therefore saving maintenance and service time and increasing productivity.

Hydraulic breaking hammers
Special attachments


Operating weight     21286kg 46927lb
Engine Engine model Cummins QSB6
Engine output 116/2000kw/rpm 155/2000hp/rpm
Max. torque/speed 618/(1500r/min)N.m 455/1500lb.ft
Key performance Travel speed 5.5/3.5km/h 3.4/2.2mph
Swing speed 13.3r/min 13.3r/min
Gadeablity 70% 70%
Ground pressure 45.5kpa 6.6psi
Bucket digging force 138KN 31022lb
Arm digging force 103KN 23154lb
Max. tracktion 184KN 41363lb
Hydraulic system Rated flow of main pump 2X211L/min 2X56gal/min
Max. pressure if main relief valve 31.4/34.3MPa 4553/4973.5psi
Max. pressure of travel system 34.3Mpa 4978psi
Max. pressure of swing system 28MPa 4064psi
Max. pressure of pilot system 3.9MPa 566psi
Oil capacity Fuel tank capacity 380L 100gal
Hydraulic tank capacity 245L 65gal
Engine oil capacity 25L 7gal
Outline Dimension A.  Overall    length 9550mm 376in
B.  Overall width 3190mm 126in
C.  Overall height 2985mm 118in
D.  Overall width of upper structure 2710mm 107in
E. Crawler length 4270mm 168in
F. Overall width of undercarriage 3190mm 126in
G.  Crawler width 800mm 31in
H.  Crawler wheelbase 3462mm 136in
I.  Crawler gauge 2390mm 94in
J.  Clearance under counterweight 1050mm 41in
K. Min. ground clearance 470mm 19in
L. Min. tail swing radius 2750mm 108in
Operating scope A.  Max.    digging height 9640mm 380in
B.  Max. dumping height 6800mm 268in
C.  Max. dumping depth 6655mm 262in
D.  8-ft horizontal digging depth 6470mm 255in
E. Max. vertical wall digging depth 5690mm 224in
F. Max. digging radius 9925mm 391in
G.  Max. swing radius 3530mm 139in
Standard    configuration Boom length 5680mm 332in
Arm length 2910mm 224in
Bucket capacity 0.91m3 1.2yd3