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CV122U: Developed on the basis of CV120, the CV122U is a single-drum hydraulic vibratory road roller with the largest export volume in China. It is a mid-sized hydraulic vibratory road roller with improved performance and a more stylish appearance. As one of XCMG’s representative hydrostatic vibratory road roller, it leads domestically manufactured road rollers in terms if compaction and driving performance, operability, and serviceability.

Product Highlights
Maximum Visibility
The posterior lateral post is moved aside, and the cab features floor-to-ceiling glass, giving the operator an excellent field of vision with uninterrupted visibility both forward and to the rear.

Comfortable Operation
The fully hydraulic drive has the advantage of easy operation. The ergonomically designed instrument control panel, coupled with a suspension seat and MP3 equipped radio, provides greater operating comfort. The cooling/heating AC system is standard on CV122U, creating a comfortable operating environment.

Outstanding compaction Performance
The double-frequency and double-amplitude vibration system is combined with optimized static linear load and centrifugal force, ensuring effective compaction of overlays for a wide range of materials and different depths.
The optional weld-on or fabricated padfoot drum expands the applications of CV122PD and maximizes user return on investment.

Reliable Electrical System
The electrical system features waterproof, dust-proof, and vibration-resistant electric connectors for increased reliability.
The imported maintenance-free battery has high current start-up capability and good adaptability.

Comprehensive Safety Protection
The service brakes, parking brakes, and emergency brakes ensure safe driving.
The ROPS cab ensures operator safety.
The anti-slip access steps and no-slip pattern rubber mat help prevent the operator from slipping.
The engine hood support system is equipped with a safety protection device to ensure the safety of maintenance and service personal.
The rotating alarm light and reversing alarm are available to ensure safe operation.

Excellent Serviceability
Warning devices are provided on the dashboard to alert the operator when service or maintenance is needed to help prevent damage and minimize downtime.
The flip-up engine hood offers a wide opening angle to provide easy access to service points. An independent electro-hydraulically operated support system controllable from the cab stops the engine hood safety at any height for easy maintenance and service.

Optimum Driving System
The power is provided by a water-cooled, turbocharged original Cummins engine that is EPA Tier 3 certified. The engine is built to provide good reliability, high power reserve rate, low fuel consumption, and reduced noise and emissions.
The internationally sourced heavy-duty axle with NO-SPIN differential and wide base tires ensures maximum ground contact for optimum traction and good mobility across a wide variety of applications.
The closed circuit hydrostatic drive system uses an imported heavy-duty variable displacement pump and motors, which help prevent wheel slip to ensure optimum driving performance and exceptional grade ability.


Type Unit CV122U CV122PDU
Operating weight Kg(lbs) 12000(26667) 13000(28889)
Distributed weight on front drum Kg(lbs) 6700(14889) 7700(17111)
Static linear load N/cm(pli) 308(175.7) 308(175.7)
Speed range Km/h(mph) 0~10.8(0~6.75) 0~10.8(0~6.75)
Theoretical gradeability % 45 45
Min. turning radius outside drum edge mm(in) 6800(276.7) 6800(276.7)
Steering angle ° 30 30
Oscillating angle ° 10 10
Vibration frequency(L/H) Hz(vpm) 30/35(1800/2100) 30/35(1800/2100)
Nominal working amplitude(H/L) mm(in) 1.80/0.9(0.071/0.035) 1.1.7/0.85(0.067/0.033)
Centrifugal force(H/L) kN(lbs) 280/190(26944/42712) 280/190(26944/42712)
Drum diameter mm 1523 1523
Drum width mm 2130 2130
Mode   Cummins QSB4.5 Cummins QSB4.5
Rated power KW(hp) 97(130) 97(130)
Rated speed rpm 2300 2300