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The QUY80U crawler crane is developed with the North American market in mind on the basis of our company's many years of crawler crane manufacturing experience. The product has passed the North American certification. It provides superior lifting performance and optimum safety. And it features loaded travel, 360°full swing operations, and retractable crawlers. The boom length is 42'8''-190'3'' and the fixed jib length is 29'6''-59.

Product Highlights
Optimum lifting performance
1) Max. Lifting Torque=360USt.m;
2) The boom lifting performance is well above that of crawler cranes of the same grade engine (265bhp), which complies with the most stringent emission standard in the world.

1) Stringent emission standard
QUY80U is equipment with the Cummins QSL9-Tier 4F engine (265bhp),which complies with the most stringent emission standard in the world.
2) Low Noise Level
The product, as measured in accordance with appendix G of EN3000 and 2000/14/EC, registers a sound pressure level of 74.2dB(A) and a sound power level of 105dB(A)in the cab, with a measurement error if 3dB(A).

High Efficiency
1) The primary and secondary hoist winches are designed with the gravity hook-lowering feature.
2) The boom –end single pulley mechanism allows fast lifting of light loads.

Highly Reliable Components
1) It transport weight with crawler beams is not more than 90,000lb(40.5mt); and
2) Its heaviest assembly is 9,700lb(4.4mt), making installation and transport extremely easy.
Complete safety protection measures
Its safety protection measures include torque limiting, hoisting monitoring, hook height limiting, boom rearward protection, and emergency stop button.

Excellent Serviceability
1) The centralized lubrication system measuring devices newly added to the hydraulic system are located near crawler beams, where the pressures related to all operational functions are collectively measured.
It features small transport weight and lightweight assemblies.
2) Its transport weight with crawler beams is not more than 90,000lb(40.5mt); and
3) Its heaviest assembly is 9,700lb (4.4mt),making installation and transport extremely easy.


Dimensions(in transport) Overall length 28ft 8.4m
Overall width 11ft 3.43m
Overall height 11.5ft 3.5m
Weight specifications Max. allowable weight(in transport) 90000lb 40.8t
Curb weight 161000lb 73t
Power specification Engine Model QSL9-T4(F)  
Rated engine power 265bhp 198kw
Rated engine torque 799/1400lb-ft(r/min) 1083/1400n.m/r/min
Emission standard U.S EPA Tier 4F U.S EPA Tier 4F
Travel specification Max. travel speed 1200m/h 1200m/h
Min. turning radius 20ft 6m
Min. ground clearance 1.4ft 400m
Max.gradeability 30% 30%
Performance specification Max. rated lifting capacity 80Ust 72.6t
Min. rated working radius 13ft 4.3m
Max. lifting torque 2362000lb-ft 387t.m
Basic boom length 42.6ft 13m
Fully extended boom length 190ft 58m
Fully extended boom + jib length 220ft 67m
Jib mounting angle 10°/30°  
Working speed specifications Boom luffing(lifting) time 150s  
Max. swing speed 2r/min  
Max. speed of main lifting mechanism(single line) 394ft/min 120m/min
Max. speed of auxiliary mechanism (single line) 394ft/min 120m/min