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The XCT90U is a 90Ust hydraulic truck crane newly developed for the North American market. It features a compact structure, good travel performance, great lifting capacity, and a wide scope of operations. The power platform is based on the US-made Cummins engine, which complies with the EPA13 emission standards. The torque limiter system satisfies the world's most stringent EN13000 torque limiter control requirements, ensuring its reliable safety performance.

Product Highlights
Superior Performance
Lifting Performance: The five-section U-shaped arm has a length range of 39.4-147.6 ft. The fully extended arm is longer than the industry average by 3.3 ft, providing performance greater than other manufacturers by 5%-10%.
With the dual-cylinder telescopic rope arranging system, it takes 140 seconds for the Boom to be fully extended, which is highly efficient and shortens job preparation time.

Comfortable Operation
The electric load-sensitive multi-way valve, with smoother linear gradient of throttle opening, provides precise flow control, smooth operation, and good micro-mobility.
The pump control swing system is equipped with the US Eaton electronic proportional displacement pump, providing good swing micro-mobility and smooth movement.

Safety and Reliability
The multi-mode unloading control strategy complies with 62 EN13000 safety requirements and ensures comprehensive operation safety.
The high-performance lifting system, coupled with the proprietary auxiliary fuel supply system, ensures the lifting system stability and reliability and effectively prevents motor stall.
Safety features such as swing brake pressure test, accumulator pressure-holding, and low-pressure alarm effectively enhance operation safety.
The working lights and 3-color warning lights adopt LED light source to ensure the safety of other people on the work site.

Ease of Use
The centralized pressure measurement and display system provides real-time monitoring of system pressure so that any faults are detected and dealt with in a timely manner.
The optimized combination of cover panels facilitates removal and installation and enhances the serviceability of key elements or wearing parts.
The hydraulic system assists the mounting of the combined counterweight system, greatly improving convenience and efficiency.
The slide-door control cab and the front and side pedals inside are extremely user-friendly.
The deluxe cab provides extra-large storage room, and the air suspension heated seat, electric heated rear-view mirrors, and all-in-one AC system improve ride comfort.


Outline Specification Overall Length 47.1ft 14370mm
Overall Width 9.2ft 2800mm
Overall Height 12.5ft 3800mm
Weight Specifications Max. Allowable Weight 112,400lb 51000kg
Curb Weight 112,100lb 50850kg
Front Axle Load 50,700lb 23000kg
Rear Axle Load 61,700lb 28000kg
Power Specifications Engine Model ISX15 500
Rated Engine Power 500/1,800kW/(r/min) 373/1800kW(r/min)
Rated Engine Torque 1,851/1,200lb-ft/(r/min) 2510/1200N.m(r/min)
Emission Standard EPA2013
Travel Specifications Max. Travel Standard 63mphmi/h 100km/h
Min. Turning Radius 78.7ft 24m
Min. Ground Clearance 0.82ft 248mm
Max. Grade ability 46%
Main Performance Specifications Max. Rated Lifting Capacity 90Ust 81.6t
Min. Rated Working Radius 9.8ft 3m
Max. Lifting Torque 2,170,000lb-ft 3000kN.m
Base Boom Length 39.4ft 12m
Fully Extended Boom Length 147.6ft 45m
Fully Extended Boom Length+ Jib Length 182/205ft 55.5/62.5m
Jib Mounting Angle 0°,15°,30°
Longitudinal Outriggers Span 24.6ft 7400mm
Horizontal Outriggers Span 24.3ft 7500mm
Working Speed Specifications Boom Luffing(Lifting)Time 70s
Boom Extending Time 140s
Max. Swing Speed ≤2r/min
Max. Speed of Main Lifting Mechanism (single line) 394ft/min 120m/min
Max. Speed of Auxiliary Lifting Mechanism(single line) 279ft/min 85m/min
Outrigger Beam Extending/Retracing Time(synchronously on one side 25s/20s
Outrigger Jacks Extending/Retracing Time(synchronously on one side 40s/25s