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The WL40G wheel loader, a reliable, efficient, comfortable, and energy-saving product development by XCMG, leads the construction machinery industry in terms of operation comfort, working performance, and versatility. The interchangeability of its dimensions, performances, and work tools makes it an ideal choice for multiple jobs. The tool frame, professionally designed and optimized, provides greater operating strength and reliability. The can is spacious and equipped with a handy lever and control unit, ensuring your operating comfort. The flip-up engine hood with a big side door makes maintenance easy.

Product highlights
High reliability
1. The US-built Cummins- QSB6.7 engine series feature great horsepower and large torque reserve coefficient, which can meet the requirements of transient overload and provide sufficient power for heavy-duty, large-load or other complex working conditions.
2. The 4WG 200 torque converter and gearbox are manufactured by ZF of Germany, and we have optimized the match between two together with ZF to achieve their optimal performance and high reliability.
3. Our self-developed wet drive axle configured with the technology of ArvinMeritor, hassrood all market tests. Its load-carrying parts are full and sturdy, provide good resistance to overload, and cope well with various high-intensity and high-load operating conditions.
4. Both from and rear frames adopt a structure designed for extra heavy duties, using thick and high strength steel plates. All critical structural parts have gone through finite element analyses to ensure their performance under various dangerous and heavy-duty working conditions.
5. The bucket is completely built with high-strength steel plates that are wear and impact resistant.
6. The smart independent cooling system is employed for real-time monitoring of the engine and gearbox temperature, automatic adjustment of the fan speed, and improvement of the thermal system reliability while saving energy and reduce noise.
7. The Michelin 20.5R25L3 tires are adopted in accordance with the loader specifications to provide the best productivity, safety, and comfort and increase the loader reliability as well.

High Operational efficiency
1. The design of working units is re-optimized to give the loader powerful lifting force and digging force(up to 130 KN), and its dumping clearance and dumping distance both lead the industry.
2. The quick coupling device enables the operator to remove and install varied working units on the job site through the solenoid valve and control lever(s) in the cab, ensuring safety and saving time.
3. The bucket, during high position unloading operations, employs automatic leveling and solenoid lifting limit technology to shorten the loading time, and the sum of three items is only 10.5s.
4. The new style bucket features low inserting resistance, high bucket fill factor, great bucket capacity (2.5m3), and improved operation efficiency.
5. The traveling speed of up to 37km/h represents high transfer efficiency.

Operating comfort
1. The extra-large cab is spacious and provide a good field of vision, and the molded rubber floor is tightly sealed to prevent dust from entering.
2. The new digital CDO dashboard, beautiful and tasteful, accurately and collectively displays the loader status, preventing operation faults and saving troubles.
3. The airbag shock-absorbing seat and steering gear are adjustable as per your personal operation habit to make operations easy and comfortable.
4. The cab and engine hood are processed with the technology of noise reduction by damping, reducing the noise by more than 6 dB. The Bergstrom AC system, multi-functional redio cassette player, and deluxe sound system create an excellent environment to make operations more enjoyable.
5. The reversing camera system provides better rear field of vision to enhance operating safety and comfort.
6. The David Brown lever, equipment with a triple control mechanism provides light, precise, and efficient maneuver.

Easy maintenance
1. The flip-up engine hood with a big side door can be opened to a large angle for easy service and maintenance of engine and radiator.
2. The electrical system adopts a centralized fuse box and a new type of wiring harness to improve reliability and service and debugging convenience.
3. Other design details such as local centralized pressure measurement and centralized water drainage greatly improve ease-of-use.


Total operating weight 35273.6lb 16000kg
Standard bucket capacity 3.28yd3 2.5m3
Outline specifications Overall length 26’10’’ft/in 8178mm
Overall width 8’5’’ft/in 2580mm
Overall height 11’6’’ft/in 3495mm
Travel specifications Min. turning radius outside drum edge 20’4’’ft/in 6204mm
Min. turning radius outside bucket edge 23’ft/in 7015mm
Max. dumping clearance 8’6’’ft/in 2586mm
Wheel base 10’3’’ft/in 3130mm
Wheel tread 6’9’’ft/in 2060mm
Power specifications Engine Cummins QSB6.7
Rated power 193hp 144kw
Rated speed 2200r/min 2200r/min
Sum of three items 10.5s 10.5s
Forward gears 1st gear 7(Km/h)
2nd gear 12(Km/h)
3rd gear 25(Km/h)
4th gear 37(Km/h)
Reverse gears 1st gear 7(Km/h)
2nd gear 12(Km/h)
3rd gear 25(Km/h)
Tire 20.5 R25 L3 (Michelin)